Kielbasa and Homemade Sauerkraut

This is how we served the sauerkraut I made. This recipe is super easy – I have a thrown out back and still managed to make this dinner while barely mobile.

I wanted a bit of balance between my kraut and my kielbasa, which is why I doctored it a bit from the original base recipe.


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Truth be told, I’m not usually a huge fan of sauerkraut, despite being Polish and German and having it at like every family holiday growing up. But I figured if I made my own, it wouldn’t have to be sweet, and I had cabbage from the CSA to use up.

This actually turned out nicely, with a couple caveats. John thought the texture was crunchier than it needed to be (I didn’t mind that). I thought the flavor was a little one-note (sour only) so I doctored a bit while serving it (see next recipe). But overall, it couldn’t be easier and it’s a nice base recipe for beginners to fermentation like me. I basically halved this recipe from the Kitchn.


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Leftover Steak Burritos

Just a good reminder when life gives you leftovers (in our case, rice from Fajita Night and a little bit of steak from Medium Rare, a steak frites place), make burritos.

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Pasta with Tomatoes and Avocado Sauce

John called this recipe “very bright tasting,” which is about right. It almost has a pasta salad quality to it. Saw it in Runner’s World and it just looked like an easy, healthy dinner (especially now that tomatoes are getting good, finally).


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DC-Versary Party Menu

It’s my ten year anniversary in DC this weekend! We had a huge party (about 40 people) to celebrate, and I made a menu all inspired by DC and DC-area foods. Here’s what we served:


Mini Maryland Crab-Cakes (about half the size of normal crab cakes)

Tomato Bread with Manchego (inspired by Jaleo and Boqueria)

Cork Avocado Bread

Cava Crazy Feta Dip (with pita chips)

Main courses:

Build Your Own Banh Mi (turkey meatball, lemongrass chicken and grilled eggplant with a little soy sauce and red pepper flakes)

Peruvian Chicken (purchased)

Grilled half-smokes with chili (and Red Apron hot dogs for the kids)


Mintwood Place Kale and Burrata Salad

Zaytinya Brussels Sprouts


Buzz Bakery Cupcakes (purchased)


Cork alcoholic lemonade

DC beers

Jaleo White Sangria (with peaches and strawberries)

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Zaytinya-inspired Brussels Sprouts

I made these inspired by a dish at Zaytinya, a restaurant near us.

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Kale and Burrata Salad

This is a terrific dish at Mintwood Place, one of my favorite restaurants, and I was pretty excited when they published it in the paper. Frying kale, though, is definitely kind of a pain (it splatters!).

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