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Clean-out-the-fridge pasta, take two

If I post every clean-out-the-fridge pasta or stir fry I ever make, my blog will be…well, considerably longer. But I was really pleased with how these flavors melded together.

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Thai-ish pineapple fried rice

My fried rice tends to be one of two ways – Thai-ish, or use-up-whatever-I-have-in-the-fridge-ish. Or sometimes both.

Update: I submitted my recipe (with better measurements and directions, and accidentally leaving out the ginger, hehe) to the CookThink Root Source Challenge and it won! Check it out!.

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Mandy’s Meaty Stuffed Onions

Mandy has made these for Thanksgiving two years in a row now; they’re quite a hit!

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Pumpkin cheesecake

I basically don’t bake, as a rule. This is one of my rare forays into dessert-making. I think this is an Emeril recipe. It has appeared at my Thanksgiving table more than once. Note – this tends to make a lot more batter than you need, so I usually end up making a custard out of the leftover batter.

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Summery couscous salad

This recipe has been contributed by the lovely and talented Becky Cooper, at whose residence I have enjoyed this dish on more than one occasion.

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Grilled corn with lime-chipotle butter

corn.jpgTruth be told, I’m unconvinced there’s a perfect way to grill corn. My friend Rachel recommended this method (the butter recipe is mine), and it turned out not-too-charred but still smoky.

*4+ ears corn



*2 limes, zested

*chipotle chili powder

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Spicy grilled chicken thighs

This is one of my favorite summer recipes. The thighs are great the next day in salads or sandwiches. These could also be done in the broiler if you don’t have a grill.


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Sugared cranberries

This is a major hit – it’s great for giving as holiday gifts, or serving at holiday parties. The little berries are surprisingly addictive – and festive-looking. I believe this is a Cooking Light recipe.

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Chow mein

Now, THIS is the first thing I ever learned to cook and was my favorite meal my mom made when I was younger.

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Quick and slim eggplant parm

This is an eggplant parm recipe that is A) on the lighter side and B) on the easier side. I know there are more involved ways to make the dish, but I enjoy this simplified version.

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