The Best Burger Of My Life

I ate the best burger of my life yesterday.

I didn’t make it myself, so this recipe blog is probably not the place to wax poetically about it. But I do think I can learn from the place’s burger-building technique, so that’s my justification.

My day job is as a reporter, and a huge focus of my beat on my new job is on restaurants. I’m doing a profile on a chef who is helpng to raise his own special breed of cattle to be used only in his restaurant. It’s a fascinating thing, hearing about how they adjust what they feed the cattle, play with fat ratio when creating a burger from the meat, etc.

I asked him to describe the taste of this meat for me, and he said I’d have to try it myself in order to understand – I wasn’t complaining. So the sous chef yesterday cooked me a burger made from this particular cow.

I don’t know if I have a sophisticated enough palate to tell you why the beef tasted so good (though I will say that special breed or no, this restaurant definitely knew how to season a burger). I will, though, tell you about its construction (and keep in mind that while I am no stranger to hyperbole, I don’t think I’ve ever used the phrase “The best ____ of my life” in context to food, so I’m taking the statement seriously, hehe).

Brioche bun. Dijon mustard. Layer of spinach sauteed with shallots. Homemade bacon mayonnaise (which I’ll discuss in a minute). The burger itself – a small patty, bursting with flavor. Pile of caramelized onions. Frisee on top. Scattering of red wine reduction.


Getting to the “wait, this is connected to a recipe!” part of the equation. I’ve always thought of myself as a mayo hater but I’m starting to think that I can really get behind homemade mayo/aioli. My next project will be bacon mayonnaise. Starting with bacon fat as the oil, adding olive oil, and incorporating chunks of pork. MMMMMMMMM. Have any of you guys made your own mayo before? Any tips?


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5 responses to “The Best Burger Of My Life

  1. George

    Mmmmm. Noodle Soup.

  2. Ryan Brenizer

    I will find those cows. And eat them.

  3. buddy0565

    mmmmm that sounds delicious.YUMMY!!!

  4. coopinthekitchen

    Jiggity Jan had to make her own mayo in college as a food science major. Apparently it’s kind of a bitch. Not impossible, but just involves like, constant whisking for awhile.

    As an aside, shocker that the ingredient that gets you to change your tune on mayo is … bacon.

    BTW, I have a jar of tomato jam for you! It’s a little clove heavy but pretty damn good otherwise.

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