Double Beer Braised Pork Nachos

So tonight, I was thinking I’d make something along the lines of the Chili-braised Pork Nachos that CookThink had posted awhile back, particularly as I’d bought these peppers at the Farmer’s Market that reminded me of what they’d pictured.

So I started grinding up peppers in the food processor. John came over skeptically, “You bought peppers and don’t really know what they are?” “It’ll be fine,” I said.

Yeah, I took one taste of my chili paste and knew that these were Habanero-tastic. Hours later and my hands are still burning. Dumb ass. Time for plan B.

I’d bought some of this strangely intense ginger beer from a woman at the market. I decided to combine this with regular beer to braise my pork shoulder, and go from there. The results were tasty and succulent!

*a bunch of pork shoulder meat, cut into cubes

*neutral oil such as vegetable



*chili powder

*Garlic powder

*two cloves garlic, minced

*1 red onion, cut into large slices

*corn tortillas




*Sour cream

*Monterey Jack cheese


*cooking spray

*ginger beer

*dark beer (I used Guinness)

Season your pork cubes with salt, garlic powder, cumin (a good amount), paprika and chili powder.

Heat oil in a cast iron skillet until hot. Sear pork cubes on both sides (you’ll end up infusing the oil with spices while you’re at it). Throw in your garlic at the end and toast it up as well.

Add pork to a deeper pan along with red onion. Pour in some beer (about a bottle?) and some ginger beer (about half a bottle). Bring to a boil and then summer (this takes at least an hour but probably closer to two).

After the meat’s been going for about a half hour, start working on your other prep. Grate your cheese, get your cilantro, scallions and sour cream ready. (At this point I also started working on my side dish). Preheat oven to 400.

When meat has about 15 minutes to go, cut some corn tortillas into quarters. Toss tortillas with kosher salt and oil (I added some of the leftover infused oil to the mix). Lay out flat on a cooking sheet that has been sprayed with Pam. Toast for 10 minutes or until crispy.

While the chips are toasting, take your meat out from the pan and shred it with your fork. Add back into sauce and toss to coat.

To assemble, cover chips with cheese (I melted in the microwave about 30 seconds). Pile on pork mixture, cilantro and green onions. Put a bit of sour cream in the middle. Garnish sides with fresh lime and serve (I did with Corn with chili lime butter, though I boiled the corn rather than grilling it).



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  1. George

    How was it taking your contacts out that night?

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