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Fun With Egg Whites

On Weight Watchers, two egg whites=zero points. Therefore, I’ve been doing a little egg white experimentation this week. Also helpful=some of John’s new homemade ice cream recipes call for yolks, not whites, so I have a source of leftovers to use up.

Yesterday’s breakfast (scrambled):

two egg whites, half a red pepper, 1 tsp parmesan cheese, scallions, garlic, chopped basil (We’ll call them Italian Egg Whites)

Today’s breakfast:

two egg whites, sauteed turkey kielbasa, salt & pepper (um…Polish egg whites?)

I’m eager for other suggestions!

Update: Today’s combo was particularly yummy – sauteed mushrooms, goat cheese, two egg whites.


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John’s Chicken With Mustard Sauce

So happy with this recipe John made for dinner tonight (and not just b/c I didn’t have to cook, hehe). It was reportedly ridiculously simple, and really hit the spot. He served it with brown rice and steamed broccoli.

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Meaty Pizza Dip

I got assigned to make this during Xmas Day appetizer preparations this year. My mom got the recipe from a friend’s party, but I think it’s a Rachael Ray special. I’d recommend canned tomatoes over the fresh I used, so it gets a little more saucy. Total heart attack on a plate though – I only had like two bites.

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Tetrazzini-style Chicken Bake

Made this tonight based off a WW recipe. It doesn’t taste like what I remember my mom’s Turkey Tetrazzini tasting like, but it was yummy regardless. What I’d change – I didn’t pre-cook the carrots and they were pretty raw, so it might make sense to toss them in with the mushrooms.


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Limoncello Christmas Gifts!

Now that I’ve given them to anyone who will likely come across this blog, I’m excited to share my homemade Christmas gift project. I made limoncello!


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Lightened Paella

Thinking about what I had in my pantry and freezer, I started really hankering for something paella-esque last night. Problem is, paella isn’t the MOST WW-friendly recipe in the world (though it isn’t awful). I looked at my old recipe and decided to lighten it a bit, watching the oil and sausage amounts and nixing the addition of seafood to keep things simple and low-cost. It was really yummy! And a chance to use some of the saffron I got in Lancaster.

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Fried Brown Rice with Five-Spice Pork and Vegetables

Decided to lighten up my fried rice over the weekend. The solution? Lots of veggies, using brown rice, watching the oil content and being skimpy with the meat.

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