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Sesame broccoli

Ridiculously easy — this isn’t the cloying, sugary sauce of sesame chicken you might get in the restaurant.

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Thai Chicken Pizza

I made this as an approximation of how I remember CPK’s tasting like. I cheated and used premade pizza dough (whole wheat) from Trader Joe’s. I didn’t have any bean sprouts, though, which I remember their version having.

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Bourbon Renewal

Loooove this cocktail John made after we got some creme de cassis the other day.


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Fried Rice Omlette

Stephanie taught me this trick years ago with leftover takeout. I used leftovers from last night’s dinner – I think the soft texture of my orange-y rice made this even better.

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Fried rice with orange and curry

This was a slightly different variation than my typical, Thai-style take on the dish.

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Asparagus with Iberico ham

I can’t believe John went out and got me (hard to find, pricey, only recently available in the U.S.) Iberico ham. He put it to good use – most of it we just ate, but this was a delicious way to incorporate it into the meal. Jose recipe, again.

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Clams with White Wine and Parsley

This recipe really shows off the flavor of the clams. Andres recipe.

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