Simple Saltimbocca

I got a new WW cookbook called “Now and Later”, where your first dish’s leftovers get transformed into something new for another meal. This is pretty much how I cook normally, so it seemed like a fun book to try out. This is my first attempt to make a recipe from it.


6 thin veal cutlets

4-6 pieces prosciutto (it’s basically a piece per cutlet, but some of my cutlets ended up needing less than a piece to cover)

14 sage leaves

1/4 cup white wine

juice of 1/4 a lemon



2 tsp olive oil

Slice sage leaves thin.

On each piece of veal, sprinkle some sage leaves and pepper (save about two leaves of sage, chopped, for sauce). Top each slice with a piece of prosciutto.

Heat 1 tsp oil in pan. Brown half of the veal cutlets, prosciutto side down, about two minutes. Flip and cook through (another minute or two).

Remove cutlet. Repeat with the remaining cutlets; remove from pan.

Add wine to pan, scraping brown bits as you’re working. In a measuring cup, combine sage, chicken broth and some cornstarch and mix together. Add to sauce and reduce for a few minutes, allowing to thicken.

Remove from heat, stir in lemon. Pour sauce over veal.

I served this with egg noodles (a mix of whole wheat and regular; I was low on the former) and steamed broccoli.

Recipe notes: I think the recipe is a bit sage dominant, but still tasty. The lemon also takes over a bit in the sauce – I might cut each ingredient by a tad. Overall, though, very satisfying for how light this is.

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