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Toasted chickpeas

I’ve always heard that this is a good snack, particularly if you’re dieting, but never tried it myself till this weekend. Definitely addictive. And SOOO easy.

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Greek Panzanella

I love this dish. It’s based on a Barefoot Contessa recipe. Great for using up garden booty, from tomatoes to oregano.

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Recipe Variation: Singapore Noodles Omelet

Remember when I told you about the deliciousness that is the fried rice omelet? I made a variation this morning that’s just as tasty with leftover Singapore noodles.

If you haven’t had them, Singapore noodles are fried rice noodles tossed with veggies, meat and lots of curry powder.

To make the omelet, heat up the leftovers in the microwave before working on your omelet. Use a combo of butter and sesame oil to heat the pan. Add eggs, and use the noodles as filling. As simple as that!

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Pasta primavera with shrimp and pesto cream sauce

Friday’s makeshift dinner. I thought the color was slightly unappetizing but the taste was solid.


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The Cranapple

John and I were making drinks tonight and I decided to experiment with some Cranberry wine we picked up about a year ago in Charlottesville.

I made him a modified Cosmopolitan with so/so results. But my drink was the real winner – a very fall-feeling, cold evening (and it’s rainy and I’m not feeling well tonight, so that qualifies, right?) kind of beverage.

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Pseudo-posole (Crock Pot Chicken Tomatillo Stew)

So as I’ve told you, I’m tomatillo-tastic right now, garden-wise. When browsing for recipes that use a lot of them, I kept stumbling on posole.

Now, I didn’t have any hominy and I’m trying to avoid too much excess grocery spending. But I thought I could do something with this idea regardless. Barley, which I bought awhile back and have barely touched since, seemed a logical swap.

I turned to this recipe for inspiration. Except I changed the main protein. And the grain. And the method of cooking. Oh well, that’s why it’s inspiration!

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Scrambled eggs with basil and cheese

Simple recipe to start your morning. This is what happens when I ruin an omelette

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