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Scallops Picatta

Oh, I love scallops. Even if I paid like $16 for 12 oz. worth at Whole Foods. What the hell.

Anyway, I decided to try out a Cooking Light recipe on these ones. Two notes. 1) This was a little caper-tastic (given, I’m not a huge capers person). I’d probably halve the amount next time around. 2) I wish it had made more sauce.

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Smothered Lamb Chops

Based this off a Food & Wine recipe for smothered chicken legs. The lamb adds its own flavor to the (delicious) sauce, though I bet chicken would be a more neutral platform for it. This was great served over some leftover cheesy polenta.

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Wax beans with basil and pistachio

The nuts and basil here kind of gave a pesto quality to these beans.

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Flatbreads with goat cheese, almond sauce, arugula and caramelized shallots

I was attempting to recreate an appetizer I had at PS7’s, which boasts one of my favorite DC happy hours. They have a flatbread they call “nutty goat”. Two problems with my version: 1) The flatbread base I used was kind of crappy B) Found out afterwards they used drunken goat, which is a very different cheese than goat cheese. Still, not a bad meatless dinner for a weeknight, especially with some soup.

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John’s Rolls (Photo)

John made bread today! Rolls and a baguette. Recipe’s still a work in progress (needs more salt, I’d say), but isn’t he cute?


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Quick Preserved Lemons

Annoyingly, I made these awhile ago and don’t remember what recipe I used.

The general way of doing things was to boil your punctured lemons in brine, slice, and pack in salt water for 3 days, then move to fridge. I had to weigh down the lemons with shot glasses to keep them under water.

Use in Moroccan dishes.

quick lemons

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Alton’s Gumbo

Gumbo – talk about satisfying. This recipe, I will say, takes forver, but it’s really not all that labor intensive if you think about it.

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