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Cheese plate!

Cheese plates have become my go-to Thanksgiving appetizer, particularly if I’m traveling. Hardly any work, and you can put them out early for munching all day.

Here’s this year’s version. My mom was the driving force behind the cheese selection – she gravitated towards a pistachio encrusted goat cheese, a raspberry beer-infused cheddar, and a triple cream reminiscent of creme fraiche. We accented the cheeses with braised quince (a gift from Dad’s neighbor), raspberry spread from a local restaurant, crackers, pita chips, olives and grapes.

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Wild Mushroom Stuffing Balls

Since John decided to tackle sausage stuffing for Turkey Day, I was looking for a non meat-based, new recipe for my own contribution. I used Coconut & Lime’s Crimini Mushroom Unstuffing for inspiration, making a few changes. The result was stuffing that was moist almost to the point of ridiculous (as a note, because of said moisture, the stuffing didn’t really remain in ball shape for me). I may update this with a picture later, as I swear someone photographed them.

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Sausage and egg flatbread

It’s a Cooking Light kind of week. This recipe, which is essentially breakfast pizza, is very satisfying, and not to0 difficult – the hardest part was rolling out the French bread dough.

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Orange and Asparagus Salad

This is what I served with pork noodle bowl. Cooking Light recommended serving with a honey/orange mix, but I only had one orange so I wanted to think of a way to stretch it. It’s better if you can section oranges competently, unlike me.

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Pork Noodle Bowl

Tasty, spicy recipe from Cooking Light. It’s super easy, but more of a 40 minute than a 30 minute meal, which I thought it would be going in. Reminiscent of sesame noodles. I bet it would be good garnished with toasted sesame seeds. Mine turned out a bit spicier than expected – I think because of the dried ginger.

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Chickpea Sliders

Mmm, veggie burgers. Try to contain your excitement, hehe.

These were an interesting twist on the concept, though I found that they fell apart a little when cooked. My second batch were better, and more crisp. This was a Cooking Light recipe.

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Asian-influenced chicken soup

I made this in the crock pot one morning this week so sick John would have something to wake up to.

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