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Five Spice Broccoli

All right, and so begins the blog’s Weight Watcher focus for the next few months.

When looking for 0 or 1 point snacks, I often turn to broccoli. It’s my favorite vegetable and one of my favorite foods, period. I always am trying to find new ways to jazz it up – this is what I made for myself when we got home from the movie theater and I was a little hungry.

Note: I’ve added a new category: WW-friendly. Those recipes will include estimated point values. I’ll try to go back and mark my WW recipes as such at some point, too.

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Beef and Barley Soup

I tried out this recipe a week or two ago (as part of the Clean Out The Pantrty Project), and absolutely loved it.  It’s a riff on an ATK recipe. I don’t have the patience (or the money – it takes so much meat!) to make homemade beef broth, but it could only improve it.

I used much less meat than the recipe called for, and I don’t think it was a loss at all – the mushrooms go a long way on the umami front, and I would have used even more if I had them on hand.

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Black Bean Dip

This was part of the clean-out-the-freezer-and-pantry extravaganza that was going on last week and the week before. We’ve actually gone through a ton of stuff at this point! This recipe was my inspiration here.

Editor’s note: On Feb. 1, I’m starting a “10 Pounds, 2 Weeks” weight loss challenge in conjunction with my bridal dress fitting. Recipes will skew lighter here, and I’ll try to note WW point values when relevant. Continue reading

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Crock Pot Puttanesca

This ended up being a super-convenient dinner when I had only an hour or so home before I had to hit a play. I feel there’s a chance I’ve forgotten an ingredient here, but in general just feel free to improvise (I may add anchovies next time, etc.).

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Aromatic Sweet Potato Fries

I was watching Iron Chef last night, and when they were prepping the sweet potatoes for some other dish. They roasted them, and threw in cinnamon sticks and star anise to add aromatic flavor.

I thought I might try the same principle for sweet potato fries. The flavor difference is subtle – a little sweeter, etc. But a fun way to twist up the typical oven fries.

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Leftover Marinade Jerk Chicken

Remember the jerk tofu recipe that made all the extra marinade? I used the remainder to spice up some chicken breasts for tonight’s dinner. So good!

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Cranberry Liqueur

I now reveal — this year’s homemade Christmas gift! I actually made a few people tarragon vinegar as well,  but this was the star gift. Slightly more labor intensive than last year’s limoncello, maybe, but really the same principle. Again, a Cooking Light recipe. The color is so pretty for gifts! I tripled the recipe below – doing so added up to about 10 bottles’ worth (of the size I had).

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Spaghetti and Turkey Meatballs

This was our hearty New Year’s Eve (slash anniversary) dinner. I’m really happy with how it turned out! The meatballs would probably have been fine with slightly less bread, but this recipe works fine as is. I served this with salad, red wine and garlic bread for a classic Italian meal.

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Jerk Tofu

This recipe is courtesy of Joy (I made a couple very minor changes); her new blog is a pleasure. It is worth noting that this is the first time I’ve successfully made tofu – and the first time John has found tofu edible.

Note: Joy’s advice to use a high-quality nonstick pan should be taken seriously. I cooked mine in multiple batches, using two pans, and the batch made with the good nonstick were definitely a better texture. You’ll have leftover sauce from this recipe that you can use elsewhere.

I recommend serving with rice (I added a side of snap peas).

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Baked Chips

A great accompaniment to baked fish. The vinegar Coop brought me back from Scotland was an excellent accompaniment.

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