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Recipe Variation: Lightened Risotto

I don’t really think about a recipe too much when I make risotto, but I wanted to make sure this one wasn’t too much of a points killer (particularly as it wasn’t even the main course tonight). So I measured, cut down on the butter, etc., and here you are. Pictured with roasted fish and awesome eggplant.


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John’s Chili Pork Chops

We really should make more pork chops; I always like them when we have them, and they’re healthy-ish. I wasn’t home for dinner last night (mmm, pizza) but John made this for himself and I enjoyed the leftovers for lunch. Super easy and good.

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Dragon Tongue Beans

These were such a cool find at the Farmers Market! I read online that they lose their color and punch when steamed, so I decided to split the difference and do some raw (sliced up in the arugula salad) and some steamed. Here’s what they look like raw.

I steamed these with Penzey’s Bicentennial rub, which is similar to lemon pepper.

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