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Sweet and Spicy Brussels Sprouts

This recipe was my inspiration here, but I didn’t have any lime and had far fewer Brussels sprouts than this called for.

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Mashed sweet potatoes with sage

I got this idea from the comments section of Mark Bittman’s last Minimalist column (I’m guessing he has a recipe, but I googled and found one from Epicurious instead that I used as a base).

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Paprika Crusted Chicken Thighs

Super simple recipe. This whole meal pictured (including sage mashed sweet potatoes and spicy sweet brussels sprouts, recipes to follow) was a hearty addition to Saturday’s Pajama Party.

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Olive Oil Bread

I now can check off my first Kitchen Goal of 2011. Homemade bread: accomplished! This recipe came courtesy of my dear friend Rachel. It was a somewhat complex recipe, but not a super advanced one, so it worked out well for my first attempt at bread.

I think the result was yummy, too! The only thing that seems slightly off is that the bread is a little crumbly (not sure if it’s related, but I used King Arthur all purpose flour instead of bread flour). But the flavor is delicious! I was even happy with the shaping, appearance, etc.

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John’s Creole Salad Dressing

This was the dressing topping the salad we had with the gumbo. Really nice flavor

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John’s Three Bird Gumbo

I don’t think I exaggerate when I say this is one of the best things John has ever made. SO GOOD. Better than my Alton gumbo, I’d wager. I had seconds, am stuffed, and yet still want more. Rich, developed flavor; the duck sausage we got at the market was an added asset. Serve over hot rice, with bread.

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Moroccan Chickpea Soup

Excited about this recipe. With bread and salad, it was an excellent meatless dinner. Plus I actually used veggie broth and liked it! Progress?

Note: the cinnamon flavor is very pronounced, so if cinnamon isn’t your thing (I like it), maybe cut down the amount a little bit?

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Carnitas revisited

So my recipe for crock pot carnitas is actually Becky’s – I have made them as well, but it was before I had a Web site and I’m not sure what I did exactly.

Anyway, I tried out Coop’s recipe for dinner last night (she tells me, btw, that she’s not sure how exact the measurements were when she sent it to me). It was definitely a tasty meal, but I think the recipe needs a little work. The resulting sauce was a bit too sour (too much citrus?) and needed some sweetness to balance it out (I don’t think the bitterness of the beer worked in this capacity).

So next time I make this, I’m going to cut the lime juice down to 1 lime, eliminate one of the two orange flavor sources, and add a bit of sweetness, maybe from some ginger beer? Regardless, yay carnitas!

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Chicken With Snow Peas

This was my attempt to recreate the “white sauce” Cantonese dishes like moo goo gai pan, etc. I used a Martin Yan recipe as a guide, with some adaptation

I also tried out a technique I saw in one of my new cookbooks, where you marinate the chicken in cornstarch and rice wine for an hour, to try to soften the texture. It worked, though I had some issues with some sticking to the bottom of the pan.

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Chinese Chicken Salad

Seeing this recipe online right when I had a big batch of cooked chicken meat hanging around in my fridge = a natural choice for dinner.

One warning: this recipe makes a lot of salad. I’m not convinced it’s going to keep that well, and yet we have a bunch left over. So probably better for a family or crowd.

I cut out some of the sugar in the dressing and added a little mustard for balance.

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