Caramelized Halibut

Mark Bittman had this fun piece in NYT recently about the many ways you can cook white fish filets. Just about all of them sounded good to me, so I bookmarked the article to work my way through them gradually.

Tonight was my first attempt. The recipes are more like a guide (and a dubiously edited one at that; the fish I made tonight included a “heat oil” step that’s never followed up on). But they’re great for inspiration if you’re trying to work more fish into your diet.

1.5 pounds halibut, cut into four filets

1-1.5 tbsp brown sugar

ground black pepper


fish sauce

sriracha (optional)

lettuce leaves (optional)

about 2 tsp olive oil

chopped mint

Preheat broiler to high.

Rub each piece of halibut with a little bit of olive oil. On a plate, combine brown sugar with salt and pepper (I used about equal parts of each, but I might cut the salt a little, since there is fish sauce to come and mine was a little salty). Coat each fish with sugar mixture and put into a pan.

Place about 4 inches from broiler and cook until fish is cooked through, checking and turning often. This is very play by ear depending on the size of your fish, etc. I rotated every 3 minutes, and mine definitely took more than 10 minutes, but I would start checking at 6 or 8. Remove from oven.

Drizzle with fish sauce, and top with chopped mint and, if you like, a little sriracha. I served over lettuce leaves with soba noodles and green beans.

WW Points: 6 per serving (4 servings)



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