Prosciutto-Wrapped Turbot

This is the second white fish recipe from Bittman’s roundup. So good, so simple. The fish gets nice and crisp.

20 oz turbot (or any thick white fish), cut into 4 pieces

8 slices prosciutto

about 15 leaves basil

salt and pepper

1 tsp olive oil, plus a little cooking spray

Take two slices prosciutto and overlap next to each other. Put 3 basil leaves on top. Season fish with salt and pepper. Wrap 1 piece of fish in basil/prosciutto. Repeat with all 4 pieces of fish.

Heat nonstick skillet with oil (add a little cooking spray). Cook fish about 5 minutes per side (140 degrees inside) in two batches (there will be enough fat from the prosciutto for the second batch). Garnish with remaining basil, chopped.

WW Points: 5 per serving (4 servings)


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