Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Kitchen Goal #4 complete! And I’m partway through another one, so there’s some good progress here.

This one was a last minute inspiration. I wanted something to go with Pho for dinner, so decided to grab a handful of shrimp and some smaller vermicelli noodles while I was at the Asian grocery store to make these to go with it. Very easy, though the rolling’s a bit tricky (I watched online videos and still had some issues).

Rice paper

Shrimp (about 3 per roll, though you can get away with 1.5 per roll if you halve them lengthwise). Either use cooked or boil raw ones with a little salt and bay leaf, as I did

lettuce leaves


cooked rice noodles, vermicelli preferred

scallions, cut into single pieces no longer than rice paper

nuoc cham for serving (optional. I did a quick homemade one but it turned out too spicy so I’m not posting the recipe)

Put some warm water in a pan. Dip a rice paper round in water on both sides.

Remove and quickly place some shrimp at the bottom of the wrapper. Add mint, lettuce and noodles. Put a scallion “behind” the bundle.

Wrap by rolling paper over bundle, tucking in sides and continuing to roll. If it turns out a little messy, you can re-tuck in the ends.

Serve with sauce.

WW Points: 2 per roll



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