Yellow Rice

We finally used up the last of the pork tonight; I made tacos (using onion, garlic, cooked pork, taco seasoning, cumin, lime, hot pepper, a little tomato and ginger beer, in case you’re curious). We’re out of beans, so I needed a quick side. I opened a long-lingering-in-the-pantry can of corn, and heated it with a little lime and chili powder. I also made my own take on yellow Spanish rice; it was pretty tasty. The whole meal ended up using up a lot of odds and ends.

1.5 cups white rice

about 1 tsp (maybe a little less) turmeric

about the same amount of cumin

dash cinnamon

maybe 1/2 tbsp butter


water and chicken broth (I used a rice cooker so my measurements are different; adjust accordingly)

Combine all ingredients in rice cooker, stir. Cook until rice is done. Stir, add salt if needed, and serve.


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