Grilled Margherita Pizza with Whole Wheat Dough

Pizza is one of my cooking Achilles’ heels. It never comes out exactly the way I want it. This was no exception, but it was still tasty. Grilling pizza’s a skill in progress for us. I like it better using charcoal, but still end up burning it a little bit. I also probably would go with shredded rather than fresh mozzarella next time.

1 batch whole wheat dough, cut into two portions

About 1/2 cup homemade pizza sauce, plus one tomato, chopped

about 12 oz fresh mozzarella

torn basil leaves

olive oil and flour, for working with the dough

Prepare grill for indirect grilling.

Roll out one of two dough batches onto floured pizza peel. Drizzle with a little olive oil.

Slide dough onto direct heat and cook until just firming up (3 minutes or so). Flip pizza over onto indirect side.

Spread pizza with half of your tomato sauce and add half your cheese. Cover grill and cook until cheese is melted and sauce is heated (6-8) minutes.

Remove from grill – scatter with basil leaves. Repeat process with remaining crust and ingredients.

Cut into small pieces and serve.


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