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Asian melon salad

Picked up an Asian melon at the market. It was tasty; not too sweet. Based this on the watermelon feta salad combo you see so often lately.

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My Favorite Bagel Sandwich

I always order this at the local bagel shop, but given the last time I had it, some ingredient in there made me sick, it probably doesn’t hurt that I now make a homemade version as well. It’s a bit of a calorie bomb, but hey.

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Pink Eyed Peas

These were awesome! I bought these at the market on a whim (caution: they take awhile to shell). I didn’t use a recipe, but went with what seemed to be a standard Southern approach – simmer, add some aromatics, add some pork product. SO GOOD! I served this with a pan seared pork chop on top (see that photo after the jump).

Vegetarian version: omit brat (and pork chop, duh) and make broth vegetable. The smoked paprika still gives, well, smokiness.

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Photo: Fancy Tomato Cucumber Salad


Local tomatoes, local cucumbers, home grown jalapeno, local basil, cider vinegar, olive oil.

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Recipe Variation: Eggplant Orzo

Take a batch of stewed eggplant and tomatoes. Add cooked orzo. Stir in a little feta. Done.

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Seared Salmon with Caper Relish

I made this recipe up in my head at work today – but it involved tuna. The store didn’t have any, and I actually think the salmon I got instead may have worked even better. Pictured with Eggplant Orzo (recipe to follow).

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Cumin Chickpeas With Veggies and Couscous

A yummy meatless meal. I got this recipe from Cooking Light but adapted it slightly to add more veggies I had on hand.

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