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Mustard-y Mussels

These mussels were delicious. Thanks, Serious Eats! Definitely serve with bread for dipping (we also served with a side of green beans).

I plan to serve the leftovers (which I saved in cooking liquid) tossed with pasta tonight.

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Drunken Pinto Beans

Take the cooking time on these beans with a grain of salt. I cooked them for the recommended 2 hours or so and they weren’t done. So I cooked them overnight in the crockpot on low. There’s probably a better way, but eh.

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Red Chile Rice

Ok, John and I are officially obsessed with this recipe. Sure, you have to make a spice paste, but the paste makes enough for like three batches of rice. Once that’s done, it’s ridiculously easy and tastes like you’ve slaved over this. Courtesy of cookbook “Rick Bayless’s Mexican Kitchen.”

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Create-Your-Own-Salad, Mexican Edition

The make-your-own-salad is becoming a staple in our house, particularly on Sundays when we want something a little lighter after a weekend of not so healthy eating. We’ve done the Cobb and the Greek before. Last night, I assembled some Mexican influenced ingredients and took a similar approach.

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Chorizo Sandwiches

Almost too easy to be a recipe. But marinated peppers and onion + grilled chorizo + a bun = deliciousness.

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Recipe Variation: Mole-marinated Chicken Thighs

Do you guys remember when I made the green chicken mole awhile back and had a cup or two of leftover sauce? Well, I decided to freeze it and it ended up coming in handy for my birthday party.

I basically took the sauce and used it as a marinade for approximately three packages of chicken thighs. After letting it marinade for an hour or two, I seasoned the chicken with salt and pepper, and cooked on a gas grill until done.

Delicious and easy!

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Mexican Panzanella

Panzanella’s one of my signature, I-bring-it-to-everything dishes, whether it be classic or Greek-inspired. So when I was trying to think of Mexican dishes for a themed barbecue, John immediately suggested adapting the dish and Mexican-ing it up. Easy enough!

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