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Tequila Pork Chops with Guacamole

This marinade is more forgiving than I’d have thought. The recipe (which is actually for pork tenderloin, and was a variation in this month’s Cooking Light) recommends two hours. Due to circumstances, ours marinated, well, let’s just say close to 48 hours. It still turned out tasty.

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Tortilla Soup, Take Two

It’s been years since I made tortilla soup. I remember it being a staple when I lived in New York but I can’t even remember the last time we had it. When I saw this recipe on Joy’s blog, it seemed like an easy meal to make ahead and then wolf down when we need a quick dinner (though I decided to tweak it a little based on what we had around). So that’s what we’ll do tomorrow night before I have to go see a play to review.

Now that said (and speaking of reviewing plays), this recipe didn’t go off without a hitch. You see, I forgot to turn down the broth when it reached a boil. And then got caught up in late night review writing. Like, over an hour later, John says, “Man, that soup is starting to smell good”. Except it wasn’t so much theĀ  soup. And it didn’t smell so much good as smell like smoke. Yeah, my stock pot was charring on the stove. Strangely, the chicken had kind of survived (it’s pretty dry, though), so I soldiered on with a messy remake of the recipe using what I had left on hand. Lesson learned: cooking and reviewing don’t always mix.

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