French Fries another way

I made John steak frites for his birthday meal, and it was pretty delicious. I was excited to try out a recipe that CI had  for “easier French fries” in a recent magazine. This technique worked really well and uses less oil.

about 2.5 pounds Yukon Gold potatoes, cut into fries

6 cups peanut oil (you can substitute vegetable or canola)

1/4 cup bacon fat (optional)


Combine potatoes oil and bacon fat in Dutch oven. Cook over high heat until oil starts boiling (about 5 minutes). Cook without stirring for 15 minutes.

Stir fries and continue to cook until golden. The recipe said 5-10 minutes more but it took me a bit longer than that. Drain fries on a paper bag, salt and devour.



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2 responses to “French Fries another way

  1. Jess

    So the potatoes go in while the oil is cold? I’ve never seen it like that. I always heard that putting them in before the oil is hot makes them really greasy…

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