New obsession: Soba Noodles

So it looks like soba noodles are my new cooking obsession. They’re super low in points (3 for a cup!) and really versatile, especially for someone whose cooking style on lazy nights tends to skew Asian. I’ve tried out some formal recipes with them, but now am just using them as a component of my Sunday Stir Fry routine. My only “rule” is that I tend to like them with some sort of dressing or sauce – it seems to balance out their slightly sour aftertaste.

Last night’s combination: 2 chopped chicken thighs, onion, Chinese radish and garlic stir fried with soy sauce. Scramble in two eggs. Set aside. Heat up some leftover frozen veggies (broccoli, edamame, green beans) with some leftover roasted cauliflower in  a quick sauce with soy sauce, chicken broth, corn starch and red pepper flakes. Return chicken and egg mixture to pan and toss with soba noodles, adding more soy sauce as you need it. Garnish with a little scallion and basil. Healthy, delicious and a great way to clean out the fridge.


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