Mustard Greens with Tomato, Broccoli and Warm Dressing

I made Shortcut Swedish Meatballs for the first time in ages last night (served over egg noodles and peas). This was a fun clean-out-the-fridge veggie side dish that went with them.

For veggies

splash chicken or veg broth

cooking spray

Small batch mustard greens

Large handful grape tomatoes, halved

half a bunch of broccoli, cut into florets

1 tbsp quick mustard vinagrette

For dressing (you’ll have some left over)

juice of one lemon

big spoonful whole grain mustard

olive oil (about double the amount of lemon juice)

salt and pepper

Spray a pan with cooking spray. Add chopped mustard greens and sautee a couple minutes. Add broccoli and splash chicken broth. Cover, allow greens to wilt and broccoli to steam.

Remove cover – stir in tomatoes. Add 1 tbsp dressing to mixture, toss and heat through. Salt and serve.





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