Pasta with Pistachio Pesto and Arugula

Mandy sent me this recipe, which was a MMM hit in the Pritts household. I made it (with a few adjustments) for a last-minute dinner before we headed to Jersey for the weekend. Solid recipe. The pasta featured is broken up lasagna noodles, which was makeshift at best, but apparently we’re just about out of pasta.

8 oz dried pasta, penne recommended

About two tbsp pesto, using pistachio instead of pine nuts (or follow the recipe)

1 chopped plum tomato

1/2 chopped red bell pepper

1/2 chopped green bell pepper

1-2 spoonfuls marinara sauce

salt and pepper

1 can white beans, drained and rinsed

5-6 oz arugula

shredded parm, to taste

Cook pasta according to directions and drain, reserving a little water.

While that’s happening, heat pesto in pan (add a bit more oil if you need). Sautee peppers, tomato and tomato sauce until heated through. Add beans and heat through. Add arugula and wilt. Add pasta; toss to coat and heat through (if sauce is a little thin, add some of the pasta water). Season with salt and pepper. Serve in bowls with shredded parm.


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