Anna’s Deviled Eggs

I’ve now had this recipe twice at parties but never have had to make it myself! My friend Anna brought these last year for my birthday, and then lent the recipe to Becky for Easter. Spicy and tasty.

12 eggs (makes 24) 
1.5 cups of good quality mayo (I like the fresh garlic aioli mayo they have in the fridge section at Balducci’s, or the jarred garlic aioli they have at Whole Foods in the mayo section in a yellow-ish jar.  Or  make your own and add a garlic clove). 
1.5 tbs Coleman’s mustard 
1 tbs Sriracha (or more, depending on how spicy you like the eggs)
1 tbs white wine vinegar 
Salt and pepper to taste 
Optional toppings: freshly cut chives or pimenton 
Once you’ve boiled the eggs and separated the yolks from whites, pulse the yolks in a food processor (set the whites in the fridge to chill if they’re not already cool).
Add the other ingredients and blend. Add SP, blend again, and check flavor and consistency.
If not filling immediately, store the yolk mixture in the fridge for up to 2 days with plastic wrap directly on the surface so it doesn’t dry out. Also, you’ll have extra yolk mixture, so you can always boil more eggs for whites later.


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3 responses to “Anna’s Deviled Eggs

  1. Three times!! We also had these at my house! =D

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