Possibly Perfect BLTs

Does my blog need two BLT recipes? Probably not. But these turned out so well.

5 slices thick cut bacon

1 tomato, sliced and salted

4 leaves basil

2-4 tsp green sauce mayo (recipe below)

2 slices green leaf lettuce

4 slices sturdy multi-grain bread

Toast bread in toaster.

Cook bacon until crisp.

Spread mayo on toast (0.5-1 tsp of mayo per slice bread). Layer lettuce, 1/2 tomato, 2 basil leaves and 2.5 slices bacon on each sandwich. Cut in half. Makes two sandwiches.

Green sauce mayo

3 tbsp olive oil mayonnaise

2 tbsp “green sauce” (green chili sauce from a Peruvian chicken spot. I’m sure any hot sauce would be ok here).

Combine ingredients.


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