Roasted Smashed Potatoes

This is a fun spin on roasted potatoes, if a little labor intensive. An ATK recipe. Keep an eye on them at the end so they don’t burn.

2½ pounds baby reds or small Yukon gold potatoes (make sure they’re small; 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter)

3/4 cups water

3-4 tablespoons olive oil

fresh rosemary, chopped

Salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 500 (put racks in top and bottom slot).

Put potatoes and water in baking dish. Cover with foil. Roast for 25 minutes.

Remove from oven. Drain water (mine was evaporated), let potatoes cool for a few minutes. Toss with most of your oil. Smash, either with a potato masher, meat tenderizer or another pan. Pour more oil in, and add salt, pepper and rosemary.

Roast 15 minutes on top rack. Put on bottom rack and roast another 20-25 minutes, watching. Serve.


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