Teddy Bear Grilled Cheese

I made these from my bento box cookbook. Cute if you have kids and pack their lunches. Or, if you have a John and make him lunch.


2 pats butter

2 slices bread

2 slices cheddar cheese

1 slice white cheese

1 piece nori

1 small piece ham

Melt butter in pan over medium. Cut crusts off bread. Place bread into pan and grill until golden brown, flipping once.

Sandwich one slice of cheese between the warm toasty bread. Set aside to cool. (Or, just make a grilled cheese sandwich). Cut sandwich in half and put into bento box, stacking halves to fit.

Cut teddy bears from other slice of cheese and add ovals cut out of white cheese to make factes. Decorate sandwich, adding nori smiley faces and ham-shaped hearts.


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