Pan Bagnat

I’ve always wanted to make this, and given I had leftover tuna, roasted vegetables, etc. this week, it seemed like a good opportunity. It’s basically salad nicoise on a sandwich. I love sandwich recipes that get better overnight.


About 2/3 baguette

4-5 oz leftover seared tuna

handful black olives

1 hardboiled egg, sliced

8 cubes cooked potato

handful string beans, blanched

about 1 roasted red pepper, sliced

balsamic caper vinaigrette dressing (I had some left over from goat cheese sandwiches, to which I added a little anchovy paste) – about 4 tbsp

Tear out a little filling from the bread to give yourself room. Layer ingredients on bottom half of baguette. Spread dressing on top half of baguette. Wrap in foil and refrigerate overnight.

Bring to room temperature and cut into three portions and serve.


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