Stir Fried Lemongrass Chicken

We’ve been on a Cooking Light tear in our household in case you haven’t noticed. I feel it’s a good option since we’re training for the sprint triathalon (though I’m eating and drinking enough junk when I’m NOT cooking at home, so not sure how much it’s helping). Anyway, this dish was a nice, light stir fry. I think I wanted a more pronounced flavor. Maybe my lemongrass is getting old – good thing I’m growing more this year. We served this with rice noodles. I made it into five servings instead of four.


1 tablespoon brown sugar
2 tablespoons unsalted chicken stock
1 tablespoon fish sauce
2 teaspoons lower-sodium soy sauce 
1 teaspoon sriracha
2 tablespoons  oil, divided 
1 tablespoon sliced peeled fresh lemongrass
2 garlic cloves, sliced 
1 cup sliced red bell pepper  (about two peppers)
1/2 cup sliced shallots
8 ounces haricots verts, trimmed 
1 pound skinless, boneless chicken thighs, thinly sliced 
1/3 cup unsalted cashews 
1 Thai chile, thinly sliced (I subbed in a jalapeno)

Combine first 5 ingredients.

Heat a large wok or  skillet over high heat. Add 1 tablespoon oil; swirl to coat. Add lemongrass and garlic; stir-fry 30 seconds. Remove from pan with a slotted spoon; place in a small bowl. Add bell pepper, shallots, and haricots verts to pan; stir-fry 2 minutes. Remove vegetables from pan with a slotted spoon; add to lemongrass mixture. Add remaining 1 tablespoon oil to pan; swirl to coat. Add chicken in a single layer; cook 2 minutes or until browned. Add cashews and chile to pan; stir-fry 2 minutes or until chicken is done. Stir in stock mixture and vegetable mixture. Bring to a boil; cook 1 minute or until sauce begins to thicken. Serve immediately.


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