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Kale Salad with Walnuts and Romano

As you guys know, I’m pretty agnostic on kale, but this salad from Smitten Kitchen is a winner, for sure. It’s also pretty caloric for kale salad, so that probably helps, hehe.

I skipped the step of simmering the raisins and just soaked them for a few minutes in vinegar.


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Turkey Meatball Soup with Greens

This recipe was…fine. I liked the broth, but it felt like it was missing something (maybe because it’s kind of reminiscent of escarole soup/Italian wedding soup, but doesn’t have rice or pasta). A couple of my quibbles were the result of my own cooking sloppiness (meatballs had big chunks of parsley, should have cooked the celery longer). But overall I liked the meatballs more than the soup. I’d make them again. Maybe even as a turkey burger.

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Chicken Tikka Masala

This was fun to make, and delicious. This is one of those dishes that often feels too indulgent to make at home. I figured after a practice triathalon, we’d earned it. An ATK recipe.


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Clam and Shrimp Boil

This was a fun dinner to go with Fire Thursday. I kept the kielbasa amount lower to keep calories down.


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Tip: Rye Bread in Swedish Meatballs

I made Swedish Meatballs using this lighter recipe. I wasn’t 100 percent married to the gravy, so I’m declining to post it, but I did like a technique used here – bread crumbs made of rye bread used as meatball filler. Added a nice spike of flavor to the meatballs.

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Pimento Cheese with Pickled Vegetables

Pimento cheese isn’t really my thing (too mayo-y for me) but it definitely has its fans, and this was inhaled at Becky’s shower, so apparently I know some of said fans. For this recipe, I doubled the pimento cheese featured in this Cooking Light sandwich recipe, and served alongside crackers and quick-pickled vegetables (carrots, radishes, green beans and cucumbers) prepared overnight in this brine. Got the idea of the combination from a recent dinner at Family Meal in Frederick.


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Anna’s Deviled Eggs (Success)

I finally made Anna’s Deviled Eggs for Becky’s bridal shower. They were a big hit, even though deviled eggs are kind of a pain.


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