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Soba Noodles with Spicy Cumin Lamb

I thought this recipe was ok, but not great (a little sweet for me). John liked it a lot,though. If anything, though, it’s a good reminder to use lamb in stir fries occasionally. I substituted oyster sauce for hoisin because I don’t care for the latter.


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Quick-Pickled Korean Carrots

So Bibimbap is quickly becoming my favorite breakfast/favorite way to use up leftovers. I made these this morning so I could throw them together with leftover steak, egg, rice etc. They’re pretty good, and they should get even better in the fridge (not sure how long they’ll last, though).

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Chicken, Quinoa and Kale Soup with Bacon

If you thought this sounds like Cooking Light threw together all the trendy ingredients randomly into one recipe, you’d essentially be accurate (they admitted as much in the magazine). In general, I thought this was fine, but not particularly exciting. The carrot flavor was pretty pronounced. I’d store the quinoa separately in the future because it sops up so much liquid.


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Apple Chips

These are kind of good, and kind of weird. They’re also tricky.

So basically, I dehydrated apple slices in our food dehydrator. The guide says you have to dip them in lemon juice for 2 minutes so they don’t turn color. I did this, but the overall flavor is quite citrusy (maybe this is because I used lime juice for some of them because I ran out of lemon?). Also, they take forever. Like, almost 24 hours in the dehydrator for some of the pieces. Granted, some of them are because I didn’t slice them thin enough, but still.

That said, I like that they actually still taste apple-y, and they’re a convenient healthy snack.


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Chicken in Milk

This recipe is kind of a head-scratcher on paper, but does turn out really well (a recipe website I read gave it an over-the-top endorsement, which piqued my interest). I don’t think it’s the “best chicken recipe of all time”, as they claimed, but it sure is delicious, and is really easy to make. Wish I’d snapped a photo, but I was entertaining.

Notes: I was serving 5 people and was a little worried that the small chicken wouldn’t be enough, so I threw in two extra chicken thighs. It made enough with a bit of leftovers, so that step might not be necessary. I served this over polenta, which worked well, and had the leftovers over leftover rice – both were good combinations.

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Recipe Variation: Pretzel Rolls

So this recipe can be adapted into pretzel rolls. Mine are a little misshapen, but who cares? Just divide the dough into equal round balls and prepare as you would the twists.




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Sort of obsessed with this recipe – one of the best things I’ve made recently. Can’t stop eating it! I thought this looked pretty labor intensive at first glance, but it didn’t really take much time at all. Especially if you make it Missy Works From Home style: chop the veggies and meat earlier in the day, make the rice while you’re at spin class in the rice cooker, etc. The spinach is also easy enough to make in another pan while you’re doing the rest of the recipe. I garnished this with some Korean red pepper, which isn’t called for in the recipe, but makes things a little spicier. You could easily make this vegetarian by amping up the mushrooms and omitting the beef.


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