Club Wraps

I may have a new favorite low-stress lunch option. I’m going low carb for the next two weeks leading into Mostly Meatless March. I just really need to get my weight under control (too many events and meals out lately). Didn’t have much in the fridge for lunch beyond rice, so I hit up the grocery store and this idea came to mind.

Club sandwiches are one of those foods I just crave every once in awhile (lately I’ve been having them on rye – yum!). Is the bread necessary to satiate the craving? These aren’t much to look at, but they did the trick, and were really easy and WW-friendly. I think I am going to make a turkey breast next week for dinner, and I bet these would be great with fresh turkey, too.


2 oz Deli turkey (I like Boar’s Head honey turkey)

1.5 slices Center Cut bacon (looks like 2 slices would have been the same amount of points anyway), cooked crisp (I was lazy and just microwaved it)

 2 slices tomato, salted

1 tsp mayo, divided

1 oz munster cheese

2 slices butter lettuce

Put two lettuce leaves on plate. Divide remaining ingredients in two and top filling on lettuce. Eat as a lettuce wrap.


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