Scallops with Bacon, Spinach and Brussels Sprouts

I’ve been trying to have more improv cooking nights, where I buy an ingredient or two that sounds appealing and build a meal around it as I go. I did this tonight with scallops and brussels sprouts, and the results were really nice. The dish isn’t anything special or fancy (well, beyond how expensive the awesome scallops are at our fish place), but it’s satisfying; we had this with some rosemary white beans on the side.


1 pound scallops (I halved mine because they were huge)

3 pieces center cut bacon

olive oil

1 package baby spinach

about 3/4 container brussels sprouts, halved

salt and pepper

red pepper flakes

juice of half a lemon

chicken broth (just a few splashes)

1 shallot, minced

2 cloves garlic, minced

dusting of sifted flour

Cook bacon in pan. Crumble and set aside (leave grease in pan). Add a little olive oil to the pan and heat up.

Pat scallops dry; dust with a little flour and season with salt and pepper. Brown scallops (I did mine in two batches), about two minutes on one side and a minute on the other. Remove from pan.

Deglaze the pan with a little chicken broth. Remove broth from pan and set aside for later.

Heat a little more oil in pan. Add shallots and garlic and soften. Add brussels sprouts and sear for a few minutes so they get nice and browned. Add the deglazed broth back to the pan to steam them. Add spinach in two batches and wilt slightly (add a little more chicken broth if you need to). Season mixture with red pepper flakes.

Add scallops and bacon back to pan and squeeze lemon on top. Serve.


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