John’s Four Cheese Grilled Cheese

These were so good. And probably at least partially responsible for my less than stellar weigh-in this morning.

John is definitely the one to make grilled cheese in our household. I tend to burn them, or try to make them pseudo-healthy, etc. He just has it down, and he isn’t afraid to experiment with whatever cheese we happened to have in the house. This is more of a guide than a formal recipe.

goat cheese


American cheese

aged gouda

sturdy bread (we used some sort of “Artisan” garlic loaf)



Cut American cheese, fontina and gouda into thin strips. Put a layer of each cheese onto one piece of bread (you don’t have to completely cover the piece of bread), and lightly salt the sandwich. Spread the other piece of bread with a thin layer of goat cheese. Butter one half of bread.

Preheat a cast iron skillet until very hot. John likes to start the grilled cheese with the buttered side down, and then butter the second half while the sandwich has already started cooking. Once one side is done, flip the sandwich. At that point, John weighs down the sandwich with a bacon press or something similar. When second half is toasted, cut in half and serve, preferably with tomato soup.



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