I made Uncle Dan’s Clam Chowder!

Just a note of excitement that I made John’s Uncle Dan’s famous clam chowder for dinner last night. I’m not sharing the recipe here, as I don’t know how he would feel about it being published online. I also plan to tinker with it a little for my own purposes (some of the measurements given are inexact, so I’m thinking of it as a work in progress as I figure out my own proportions). But if you’d like to hear about the recipe, oh three readers, I’m happy to share in person.

I have a really good memory associated with this soup – we had it on the weekend where I first met John’s extended family. It was one of those perfect summer weekends on the Jersey shore, where we bought fresh clams from a guy catching them outside his Uncle Jim’s house, and everyone contributed some sort of delicious food to the mix. Years later, I told Uncle Dan he should give us the recipe as a wedding gift, and I was really touched when he passed it on at the family funeral we attended last month. We don’t have a lot of passed-down recipes on my side of the family, so that kind of thing is always exciting to me.




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