Pinto Beans with Bacon

This dish couldn’t be easier, and turns out really satisfying. I think I based this off of a Pioneer Woman recipe.

1 bag dried pinto beans (you can soak them overnight if you want to cut down on cooking time. I didn’t)

3 slices bacon, cut into lardons

1 jalapeno

1 onion, chopped


about 1 tbsp seasoning of choice (I used Penzey’s chicken taco seasoning)

salt and pepper

cooking spray

Spray pot with cooking spray. Cook up bacon until fat is somewhat rendered. Remove from pot. Sautee onion until soft.

Add beans and cover beans with about two inches of water. Throw in a jalapeno (I cut the top off).

Bring to a boil and simmer two hours, or until beans are cooked and sauce is thickened.

Remove jalapeno and season with salt, pepper and seasoning.


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