Juicy Lucys

Yum! I made lettuce wrapped Juicy Lucys and turkey burgers for Fire Thursday a couple weeks ago, and both were hits. Juicy Lucys are actually really easy if you use this Serious Eats guide.


16 oz ground beef

salt and pepper

4 slices American cheese

a bit of cooking oil

pieces of lettuce, for wrapping, or hamburger buns

Season beef with salt in pepper. Divide into two ounce balls.

Place balls between two pieces of plastic wrap. Pound each ball flat with a skillet. Gently place four on plate. Stack American cheese on top of patty (you can do it any way you want). Place other patty on top of cheesy patty. Pinch together. Flip over and pinch together. Reshape into a hamburger patty.

Wipe a nonstick skillet with oil. Heat to medium. Cook burgers about 3 minutes per side, or to desired doneness.


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