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Recipe Variation: Shrimp Patties with Shaved Vegetables, Thai Herb Salad and Crispy Kale

This was my first attempt not to be lazy in the kitchen after being sick and lethargic the past two days. This was sort of a CSA twist on this recipe for Thai Herb Salad with shrimp patties. I kept the patties, salad and nuoc cham dressing but added shaved vegetables, as well as some crispy kale for texture contrast. Sort of a weird pseudo-salad. I enjoyed it but also can’t really taste much because I’m sick, but John really liked it.


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Technique Idea: Bok Choy Pesto

I didn’t really measure when I made this, so I don’t have a recipe to share. But my friend Heather suggested making a pesto with bok choy/pac choi (she also used radish greens; I used some spinach and garlic scapes). I did this (I get a LOT of bok choy in my CSA) and it turned out quite well. It’s a more watery pesto than the traditional style, but still flavorful. I used it as a marinade for chicken.


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Drip Beef

I’ve had my eye on this Pioneer Woman recipe for awhile. Getting Del Buono rolls from Jersey and eye of round from Amish Country meant it was time to make it, and boy was it good (and easy, if time consuming).


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