DC-Versary Party Menu

It’s my ten year anniversary in DC this weekend! We had a huge party (about 40 people) to celebrate, and I made a menu all inspired by DC and DC-area foods. Here’s what we served:


Mini Maryland Crab-Cakes (about half the size of normal crab cakes)

Tomato Bread with Manchego (inspired by Jaleo and Boqueria)

Cork Avocado Bread

Cava Crazy Feta Dip (with pita chips)

Main courses:

Build Your Own Banh Mi (turkey meatball, lemongrass chicken and grilled eggplant with a little soy sauce and red pepper flakes)

Peruvian Chicken (purchased)

Grilled half-smokes with chili (and Red Apron hot dogs for the kids)


Mintwood Place Kale and Burrata Salad

Zaytinya Brussels Sprouts


Buzz Bakery Cupcakes (purchased)


Cork alcoholic lemonade

DC beers

Jaleo White Sangria (with peaches and strawberries)


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