Truth be told, I’m not usually a huge fan of sauerkraut, despite being Polish and German and having it at like every family holiday growing up. But I figured if I made my own, it wouldn’t have to be sweet, and I had cabbage from the CSA to use up.

This actually turned out nicely, with a couple caveats. John thought the texture was crunchier than it needed to be (I didn’t mind that). I thought the flavor was a little one-note (sour only) so I doctored a bit while serving it (see next recipe). But overall, it couldn’t be easier and it’s a nice base recipe for beginners to fermentation like me. I basically halved this recipe from the Kitchn.


About 1.5 pound head red cabbage

1 quart mason jar

3/4 tablespoon salt

1/2 to 1 tbsp caraway seeds

Sterilze jar and lids (you can use boiling water or just clean thoroughly). Slice the cabbage thin (cut it into eights and then cut crosswise into thin slices). Combine salt and cabbage in bowl and massage for about 10 minutes, until cabbage has softened.

Pack into jar. Add any liquid released by the cabbage when massaging. Weigh jar down with another, smaller jar filled with rocks. Cover larger jar lid with a cloth and fasten with a rubber band.

Allow to ferment overnight, pressing down on weight occasionally. Check – if liquid hasn’t submerged the cabbage, dissolve a tsp of salt in a cup of water and cover by enough to cover the cabbage.

Ferment in a cool room temperature place for at least three days (I did it for about a week). Scrape off mold if it occurs.

Taste and if it tastes fermented, you’ve got kraut! Refrigerate until needed.



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