John’s Mushroom Swiss Lamb Burgers

Sadly, this is the last recipe John will make for awhile – he broke his ankle at hockey late Saturday night. But before he left for the game, he whipped up these awesome lamb burgers for a casual dinner. The gravy instructions are a little weak, but you get the idea.

It’s going to be a tough couple weeks for us – I’m still recovering from a back injury (though I’m making progress), and John’s got a long road ahead of him with this ankle thing. I was happy to do some marathon cooking myself Sunday since I was having a good back day. Turkey meatballs  and sauce for a friend who just had a baby, and inside out stuffed peppers, chicken with ricepizza sauce (for a pepperoni and banana pepper pie I’ll make tonight with dough from the freezer) and lamb meatballs for spaghetti squash. This should get us through the rest of the week as we balance life with these injuries.

For the burgers

1 pound ground lamb

salt and pepper

1 tbsp chopped basil 

1/4 cup chopped onion

slice swiss cheese

potato buns

For the sauce

1/2 package mushrooms, sliced

beef broth

gravy master

1 tbsp butter 

1 tbsp onions

splash or two brandy



Form lamb patties with onion, basil, salt and pepper. Make five patties total. Set aside.

Heat butter in pan. Sautee remaining garlic and mushrooms until soft. Add some gravy master and beef broth to pan (to taste), along with a little water and the brandy. Make a sauce, adding water as needed to balance it out, as well as flour to thicken.

Serve burgers on potato buns with swiss and mushroom sauce.


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