Prosciutto and Melon

This is such a basic appetizer/snack that I often forget about. It’s best when you can get super-ripe cantaloupe from the market, like you can right now (mine ripened even further in the fridge and it was so good). I used to wrap slices in prosciutto, but now I’ve taken to piling a bunch of prosciutto in the middle of the plate, and surrounding it with slices or even cubes of the melon (I did slices Friday and cubes Saturday for friends visiting John, and the cubes went faster – I think people are more likely to pick up smaller pieces). You can get fancy with this and make it into a salad or something, or just serve it simply, as I did.

1/2 cantaloupe, cut into cubes (or sliced)

1-2 8 oz packages of prosciutto

Remove prosciutto from packaging. Pile into the middle of the plate (tearing pieces apart a little so they serve more people). Surround with melon cubes on the plate and serve.



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