Fun with Leftover Fried Chicken

John and I did something we never do on Saturday night. We ordered fried chicken. From Popeyes, to be exact. It was glorious.

But when you order a family pack and your family is a family of two, leftover fried chicken ensues. Beyond just eating it plain (and fried chicken is admittedly great cold), I’ve been coming up with interesting things to do with it.

Fried chicken biscuit sandwiches: Just layer a slice or two of fried chicken (no bone), heated through, on top of half a biscuit. Top with pickles (in my case, homemade) and add the other biscuit half, if desired (I just threw on a toothpick to cut calories a bit). 

“Karage” spicy ramen with curry: Dice up some fried chicken – heat up in oven. Prepare packaged spicy ramen (there’s a brand from the Asian store I really like), along with some spinach and, if desired, leftover veggies. Remove from heat; stir in a little miso and a tablespoon of curry powder. Garnish with chicken and (in my case, a poorly made) soft boiled egg. This recipe needs work, but it was still fun to make and eat.

Fried chicken salad with ranch: Cut a breast of fried chicken into chunks – heat through in oven. Toss with shredded carrots, a sliced bell pepper, a cup or two of lettuce, some sliced cucumber, a little feta and homemade ranch dressing.


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