Missy Tries Chicken Pot Pie

I feel like I’m really falling behind on updating this site (I’ve got about 7-8 more recipes I’ve yet to archive), so apologies. And I’m even going to be lazy and link to this one instead of writing it all the way out. This was my first time making pot pie, as far as I can recall – that’s usually a John dish in our household. But as usual, a Smitten Kitchen recipe called out to me. My changes:

*I made this into eight servings rather than four to cut calories. I still found the servings satisfying.

*Because of that, I made three of them as individual pot pies and the rest as a casserole because I only had three containers.

*I used closer to 3 pounds chicken (about half white meat, half dark meat).

Really good, though! I would say it tasted even better reheated the next day because the sauce got thicker.


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