Some Kitchen Resolutions for 2015

I’ve done kitchen resolutions the past few years (looks like I pulled off about half of last year’s), but there aren’t a lot of huge goals coming to mind for this year in the kitchen. Here are a couple of general ideas, though.

-Make Chorizo: This is basically just because I saw them do it on Food Network and it looked really easy. This will wait until after I eat all the chorizo already in my freezer, though.

-Cook more from freezer: Speaking of. Particularly since we did that Meat CSA for a quarter, we have a shit load of meat in the freezer that I need to incorporate more into our weekly routine.

-Cook less with starches: This is basically just taking some of the principles of Low Carb January and working them through our diets all year. John and I generally feel better when we’re mostly sticking to meats and vegetables, though neither of us plan to give up pasta and bread for life.

-Make better use of our spice cabinet: Especially considering how much money I spend at Penzey’s.

-Make mozzarella: This is one from last year I want to make sure I get around to at some point.

-Keep the kitchen clean(er). Especially since we just reorganized it to be a little more efficient. We also have a couple of cosmetic improvements to implement, including hanging a knife rack and putting some lighting in the pantry cabinet.

-Don’t drop the ball on the garden: I always make some sort of error that half-negates all the work and money I put into the garden. Last year it was not weeding in August. This year it was not finding time to harvest all the herbs before the frost.

-Make this recipe I’ve had bookmarked for like five years and have never made for some reason.


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