Crispy Salmon with Capers and Dill

An improvised fish night that turned out really well. The fishmonger told me the Norwegian salmon was the way to go yesterday, and it was delicious (and super fatty). This was a pretty simple preparation that we served with a mish-mash of sauteed vegetables, and a salad of tomatoes, avocado, garlic and red wine vinaigrette.

My favorite thing about making salmon at home is to get both sides really crisp. Heat a generous amount of oil in pan, place the filets skin side up, and LEAVE THEM ALONE for about seven minutes. Flip (they should come away easily) and cook to your desired internal temperature.


About 2 tbsp olive oil

1 pound salmon, cut into three filets

salt and pepper

a bit of dried dill

2-3 tbsp fresh parsley

1-2 tbsp capers

squeeze of lemon

Heat oil in pan. Pat salmon dry; season with salt and pepper.

Place salmon, skin side up, in pan. Cook about seven minutes. If salmon comes away from pan easily, flip, and cook to desired temperature (I like mine a little underdone inside). As it finishes, scatter dill and parsley on top, and squeeze half a lemon on top of filets. Serve.



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