Indonesian Seafood Kabobs

Man, these were terrific. My brother-in-law had requested grilled seafood for our dinner last night, and the idea of kabobs was in my head. I only thought to use this Ina marinade that day, and it worked beautifully. Pro tip: do not sub in coconut oil, as it will solidify and get weird (I just rinsed off the marinade before grilling, and it was fine).


1 batch Indonesian marinade

1 pound scallops

1 pound shrimp, cleaned (I left the tails on)

1/2 bunch asparagus

1/2 red onion, cut into chunks (we would have preferred to use a whole onion, really, but that’s all I had)

Marinade seafood in marinade during the day.

Preheat a gas grill.

On skewers, thread together two pieces scallop, two pieces shrimp, 1 piece onion (or two if you have a whole onion) and 2 half stalks of asparagus.

Make sure grill grates are well-oiled. Grill kabobs, about four minutes per side. Do not flip unless seafood can easily turn without sticking.


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