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Spring Panzanella

It’s no secret that I love panzanella (there are five variations of this salad on my site already). It tends to be a cookout crowd pleaser. I prep all the ingredients beforehand and toss together with dressing before serving.

This one takes advantage of the spring produce season, without venturing into tomato territory since they’re not really great yet.

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Garlic Grouper with Shrimp

Spanish-inspired fish recipe. We served this with grilled zucchini and some sauteed peppers topped with shredded Monterey Jack cheese and a fried egg.


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Memorial Day BBQ Menu

We had a lot of fun having about a dozen friends over for Memorial Day. Here was the menu; we relied basically on new dishes rather than reinventing the wheel here (though I did try new salsa and pimento cheese recipes)

Chips and sort of fancy onion dip

Tortilla chips, homemade guac (I make this without tomatoes until tomato season hits) and this salsa.

Pimento cheese and quick pickled veggies

Turkey burgers (didn’t use red pepper but added thyme)¬†and bison burgers

Half-smokes with John’s homemade chili

Grilled zucchini

Asian cukes

Spring panzanella (recipe to follow as I improvised this)


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Smoky Tomato Mussels with Bacon, Fennel and Pepperoni

These mussels turned out really well; John was particularly a fan. They were sort of inspired by a restaurant dish I like, though definitely deviate considerably from that recipe. Looking forward to having the leftovers over linguine for lunch.


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Blistered Shishito Peppers

These couldn’t be easier, and make for an attractive and interesting appetizer. I made these because Trader Joe’s had shishito peppers and I was intrigued.


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Thai Grilled Chicken

I made this Serious Eats recipe for friends and we were thrilled with it. I did not make homemade Thai chili sauce because A) the store didn’t have Thai chilis B) It was a weeknight and I am human. So we served it with bottled Thai chili sauce and some leftover cilantro sauce.

To make this recipe stretch a bit further because our chicken was small, we doubled the marinade and also did a batch of boneless chicken thighs. Both were good – the thighs charred less but soaked up more of the marinade.


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Warm Italian Pork Salad

We were pretty happy with this as a light dinner. I was inspired by this Cooking Light recipe, but beefed it up a bit with some red bell pepper and broccoli rabe. I also added a splash of vinegar to the greens for balance, and more provolone because…provolone.


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